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Achievements With One Model:

Credit Card Fraud Detection with 0.9996 accuracy : kaggle/creditcardfraud

MNIST Digit Recognizer with 0.9782 accuracy : kaggle/digit-recognizer

Human Resources Analytics Employee Leave Prediction with 0.9666 accuracy : kaggle/hr-analytics


Use multiple models to increase accuracy, reduce error, simulate multi model data oriented environments.

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  • Level 1
  • $99 / month1
  • +2 Files / month
  • +2 Reports / month
  • +4 Models / month
  • +500 Queries / month
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  • Level 2
  • $999 / month1
  • +25 Files / month
  • +25 Reports / month
  • +50 Models / month
  • +10000 Queries / month
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  • Unlimited File Storage2
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*Competitive comparison. Bicedeep, Inc. is in no way affiliated with Google LLC.
1 Subscription can be restarted anytime to add more credits.
2 Storage invoice will be reflected after 100TB.
3 Dedicated Servers and Storage Units can be created on the following regions: US, UK, Germany, Belgium, Brazil, India, Australia, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore.